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Published desktop with accesspolicyrule only accessible via receiver for web


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I've setup a delivery group with an access policy rule base on IP / subnet (via IncludedClientIPFilterEnabled and IncludedClientIPs switches).

This all seems to work fine via receiver for web.

But, when I try to start the desktop from my Workspace App I get "the resource is unavailable currently" on the client.

In event viewer (citrix delivery services log) on the storefront server (v3.15.18019) I get this warning: "Failed to launch the resource 'Controller_HTTPS.desktop name $S48-75' as it was not found."
Any clues?


Kind regards,


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Hi BP,


Couple of questions to clarify:

  • If you get rid of the IP restriction rules, does it work?
  • Are the clients connecting internally, directly to Storefront, or are they (also) connecting from external, and are you thus using Netscaler?
  • This is kind of tied to the answer on the above question; are the IP ranges in the restriction rules, internal ones, or external ones?

My first guess would be that the clients are not actually connecting to the Storefront using the client IP that you have restrictions on, but a different one. Possibly because of Netscaler not using Source IP in the forwarding, or because there is some other form of Source NAT going on in between the client and the Storefront.





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