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Netscaler ADC (Citrix Gateway) is removing application icons from the Storefront site

Ryan Kellerman

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Here is my scenario, I have a Citrix Gateway (12.1) in front of Storefront (1912) and all of the authentication and application launches work just fine. However instead of application icons I get just plain gray boxes instead. This is only when accessing through the Citrix Gateway though, when I connect to the Storefront directly all of the icons are there.


I've already tried resetting IIS and checked the permissions for CREATOR OWNER on the folders for the IIS site.

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I ended up figuring this out.


  • On both Storefront servers I deleted all of the contents of the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\DynamicsSLWeb\App_Data\CtxsWebProxyIconCache folder.
  • The I did an iisreset on both Storefronts.
  • Then from client computers in Chrome:
    • went in to Settings
    • searched for cache
    • clicked Clear Browsing Data
    • opened the Basic tab
    • checked on the Cached images and files option
    • clicked the Clear data button
    • closed Chrome and when back to the page in a fresh session
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