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Number of Sessions Almost Cut in Half

Christopher Sprinkel


We are running six physical Virtual App Servers with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.    We upgraded from Virtual Apps 7.17 to Virtual Apps 7-1906 in early November.  No change was made to the hardware at that time.  We've noticed that the number of sessions that we can handle per server has been cut almost in half.  We were able to allow close to 70 sessions per server before we experienced any issues, but now when we start pushing 35 sessions we start seeing Client Connection Failures with a Failure Reason of "Other".  Looking at the Event Logs of the servers, in the Application log you can see where the session starts the process (The Citrix Group Policy service started RSOP calculation for user:GLOBAL\Sample), it finds the user's profile in the file share, and then, "The Citrix Desktop Service detected that a user session has ended."  There appears to be no other indication that a problem occurred.

We have checked that plenty of resources are available on each server (Ram, CPU, etc).  The only other thing changed was slowly moving users to Citrix Universal Print Driver from the 3rd party software, Screwdrivers, two months prior.

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Sounds like the session is simply timing out, anything that delays Policy processing or delays the normal user session start up would cause the session to timeout and give up. 


Look for Event ID 6001 and 6004 in the server's Application event logs.

Any errors in the Group Policy logs on the XenApp servers?   

Roaming profile was found to exist per your event log message, but is the storage responding fast enough,

If DFS, is DFS configured properly such that the Profile Storage and other components are placed within the correct Site in AD?  Otherwise you could potentially be pulling the profile down across the WAN causing a delay?

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