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Citrix WEM / UPM / Folder Redirection? HELP!!!

Sebastian Piest1709161500




We recently switched from pure GPO rules for our XenApp-Environment to Citrix WEM - I simply configured the EXACT same settings which were in the GPO into the WEM Console regarding a) Citrix UPM and b) Windows Folder redirection - BUT: the results for NEW users are strange as hell, sadly :(


New Users get a UPM profile as seen in the attached picture which is named BROKEN - existing users look as the should, as seen in the attachment HEALTHY.


What could be wrong? I entered the same path in UPM in the WEM console that was in the GPO and also the same path for Windows roaming profiles.


Moreover it's very strange that NEW users get an initial desktop with lots of standard-config but WITHOUT the configs I made on the INITIAL login - then, logging out and logging back in, it looks the way it should be.


It seems like some parts, which should be pointing to the redirected folders, are now pointing to the UPM directory.


Can anyone help? :( :( :(



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You need to enable USV processing for Folder redirection, but leave everything unticked for the roaming profile configurations (first two tabs)


it doesn't explain the default by any means, but its a complexity and configuration that shouldn't be there (not sure what will happen with it on)


make sure you reset as per that article above after each change you make and make sure the cache is refreshed completely (delete and recreate)

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Second image shows Microsoft profile stuff enabled (roaming profile advanced config)


refreshing the cache doesn’t always solve everything - stop wem services and physically delete and then restart and refresh 


all wem config is pretty much stored in XML within the keys - it’s hard to track what it’s actually doing at times If you are looking at Keys

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folder redirection is folder redirection - doesnt matter if its WEM, GPO, Citrix Policy, Reg Keys - its just writing shell keys


has to be something environmental at play - I would suggest starting fresh and ruling out conflicting policies and settings - put in an empty OU, block inheritance and apply just UPM settings to the machine via WEM and see what happens

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You have configurations for both UPM and Microsoft Profiles at the same time - doesn't look like you have both profile management technologies turned on but if you don't need the microsoft stuff - I would turn it off and focus just on UPM and folder redirection


Are there any other policies that might be conflicting or getting in the way here - i have seen mixed settings cause havoc


There is also this




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