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VM vpgu processes consume more and more memory and make VM unresponsive

Tomas Ferianc




I'm facing rather big problem with dom0 memory. Time to time, vpgu processes memory consumption goes all of a sudden up and and I see warnings in XenCenter.

I can't RDP to this VM and Citrix connections don't work too.


If I look at the 'top' command, I see something like this:

14182 root      20   0 3012392   2.3g  27792 S   0.3 29.7 983:59.28 vgpu
12972 root      20   0 2881288   2.2g  29864 S   4.3 28.9 974:58.83 vgpu


vgpu processes consume quite a lot of memory, more and more in time, which results in that unpleasant situation described above.

What I have to do is to restart VM to get these vgpu processes to zero.


What is general experience with this problem and how to solve it permanently? Many thanks for help



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I think the point of the article is to run that specific version, since it is an LTSR one.

If you are in the possibility to downgrade, it would make sense to try it out.


For more information, you'd probably need to raise a support ticket with Citrix (or your reseller), and mention the CTX265644 article.






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