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Is it possible to start openvswitch on Master without any impact on a 3 Host Pool?!

rainer quasten


Hi all,
the MasterHost on my 3 HostPool doesn't release deleted logfiles from openvswitch.


Here the are the details from cli.
### cli ###

[root@master log]# lsof +L1
monitor   2385 root    7u   REG    8,1       141     0 180231 /tmp/tmpfOvaoed (deleted)
ovsdb-ser 2386 root    7u   REG    8,1       141     0 180231 /tmp/tmpfOvaoed (deleted)
monitor   2397 root    3w   REG    8,1 965485227     0 255715 /var/log/ovs-vswitchd.log.1 (deleted)
ovs-vswit 2398 root    3w   REG    8,1 965485227     0 255715 /var/log/ovs-vswitchd.log.1 (deleted)
stunnel   5970 root    2w   REG    8,1       863     0 180236 /tmp/stunnel0d8cb0.log (deleted)
### cli ###


Is it possible to start openvswitch without any impact on  Master on 3 Host Pool to release the locked files?!
or any other way to release the files?!

THX for you answer :-)

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Its been a long time since I used OVS, but if I remember the VM running is more of a manager and all of the 

interworkings are active on the host separate from the VM. The VM is just to montor and make changes. Restarting

the VM shouldn't have any ill effect. If that doesn't fix it then a host restart may be necessary.





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I guess that the files gets released when the openvswitch service  restart. I have the same behave with snmpd.log. After restart the snmpd service the files were released.

So could i safely restart the openvswitch service without any impact to the pool and running vms?!

# service openvswitch restart

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