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Jumbo Frames Netscaler

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In our environment we have 1 SDX 12.x with 2 instances of NS 11.x with interfaces set at 1500MTU (including the SDX interfaces).

The netscaler SDX is connected to a layer 2 switch that is configured for 1500 and in the back-end it connects to an ESX server port group at 9000 MTU.

We would like to make everything 9000 as we are capturing lots of TCP. Windows Size 0 errors in the environment .


To make everything Jumbo frames will i have to change the MTU in both SDX channel interfaces and instances?

Also, is it backwards compatible? what is the safest way to make the MTU changes without getting disconnected?



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Jumbo frames are tricky, you will need to make sure that all devices that the packets will cross, are jumbo frames enabled. On the other hand, you can have jumbo frames enabled, and not send out packets larger than the default MTU.


Yes, you will need to change the MTU on both the SDX (and the ports on the switch it is connected to) and the instances.

It is backwards compatible, as mentioned above, even if you enable jumbo frames, your devices still need to leverage it and send out packets larger than the default MTU.

I think it's best to makes the changes outside of the business hours, to avoid interruptions.


Here's some documentation on jumbo frames:







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