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Secure Gateway, Web Interface upgrade, Windows os compatibility

David Kaainoa

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I don't have access to Netscaler and I'm running Citrix over Secure Gateway and Web Interface on the same w2k8 r2 box.   What are my options to update my web facing Citrix platform, assuming I can run the most recent Windows os (Server 2019).   While I am waiting for Netscaler cost approvals I have to use the legacy Citrix web platforms that are available to me.  Thank you in advance.

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As far as I know, Secure Gateway is only supported up until Windows Server 2008(R2). You can try installing it on a newer OS, but there are no guarantees it will work and definitely no support.

It seems like Web Interface should be possible on 2012 R2 though:


You might also be able to adapt that guide to get it to work on 2016 or maybe even 2019.





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