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Citrix Cloud Autoscale: Peak time = 0, Capacity buffer during off-peak times = 0%. What happens?

Gordon McWilliams


I have a situation at a client where the following attributes are set:


Peak Times: N/A or 0

Capacity Buffer

During Peak Times: 15%

During Off-Peak Times: 0%

Power-off delay

30 minutes


We are seeing that the machines are not shutting down by themselves. I would think that because there's no peak time defined here, it won't know to keep the capacity buffer at 0% during off-peak times - therefore, the machines will never turn off.


But my colleague thinks that because there is no peak time defined, it should shut the machines off because if nobody is logged on it will shut down.


What really happens in this scenario? We want the machines to shut down on a nightly basis.

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