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Query on License - Netscaler ADC

Sudhir Bhagat

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Hi All, 


Looking for the Equivalent license of Netscaler ADC as per below F5 License (working on migration from F5 BIG-IP to Netscaler ADC VPX)


F5-GTM (GSLB in Netscaler) :


Active Modules
  Global Traffic Manager Module (XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX)
    DNS Express




F5-LTM (Netscaler Load Balancing).


Active Modules
    LTM, Base
    IPV6 Gateway
    Rate Shaping
    Ram Cache
    Anti-Virus Checks
    Base Endpoint Security Checks
    Firewall Checks
    Network Access
    Secure Virtual Keyboard
    APM, Web Application
    Machine Certificate Checks
    Protected Workspace
    Remote Desktop
    App Tunnel
    Application Acceleration Manager, Core




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Repeating Carl's response: start by chosing the size of "hardware"... or if you want a virtual appliance, the size of VPX. All netscaler models are available in "standard" "advanced" and "premium editions.... the edition defines which featureset you need. Carl suggests that you need an Advanced edition

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Here's your license summary for features in the MPX appliance data sheet (linked below), the first part are the licensing levels.

Citrix ADC Platform licenses have three types:

Citrix ADC STandard Edition

Citrix ADC Advanced Edition (previously Enterprise Edition)

and Citrix ADC Premium Edition (previously Platinum Edition)


Instead of choosing individual feature licenses, you start with one of the platform licenses. There are only a small handfull of "optional Licenses" and you can either do Advanced + optional license (for appfw or ipreputation) or just get the next step up license ADC Premium.


For example: GSLB and CMP are not included in Standard Edition (both are optional licenses), but both are included in Advanced and higher.  


Citrix ADC > Platforms:  https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-adc/platforms.html

VPX software datasheets are here:  https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-adc/platforms.html (click on the vpx datasheet pdf on this page)

MPX hardware appliance data sheets are here and the top part of the document summarizes the license editions:  https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-adc/platforms.html (click on the mpx datasheet pdf on this page for the license summary and the hardware summary)


The vpn/gateway functionality is mostly included in standard/advanced/premium.  But some gateway features are not included in all editions.  See the license edition matrix to see gaps.


The final piece is that some of the F5 vpn capabilities (like the epa scans) can be done by the Citrix ADC vpn function; but there might be a separate license dependency.

For example, if you juse want the vpn/gateway capabilities to do ICA proxy and frontend XA/XD/CVAD environments, then the platform license that turns on the gateway feature is usually all you need. If you are using full vpn client connections, then you also need what citrix calls a universal license which is a vpn ccu license.


But they are included in Premium (former platinum in the doc); but only some are included in Standard/Advanced (former enterprise in this doc).




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