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Child windows not appearing at all causing parent application to freeze

Joseph MacDonald


I'm hoping someone has seen this before .... We're running the EnAct software from Corporatek in a Citrix environment. When a user opens the parent application automated reminders are supposed to trigger and child windows are supposed to appear with the set task. This isn't happening. Instead, the reminders trigger, no child windows appear and the parent application freezes up and has to be killed on the server.


When we run the application directly from the server (RDP) everything functions correctly. The child windows appear as expected and nothing hangs. I've tested some of the seamless flags with zero change in the problem behaviour.


We're running Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU3 - Virtual Delivery Agent on the server (2016) and Citrix Workspace on the client machine (Windows 10)


Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.



Joe - Gowling WLG Canada

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As you probably already figured out - because you are experimenting with the seamless flags - the popup window most likely appears behind the main window, causing it to freeze.

Most of the seamless flags applied to XA6.5 only, some of them work in XA7.x. If you didn't already find this, here's the reference guide:



Are you in the possibility to switch to a full desktop on Citrix (like RDP), to see if that really is the issue?

Someone here fixed the issue by disabling the "Desktop Windows Session Manager" service:







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It looks like I misread the signs. The child window is generated by a shell call from the parent application to a separate executable (in the same directory). The problem turned out to be a configuration issue whereby the parent application wasn't actually able to locate the executable (poor programming?). Adding the 'Working Directory' in Citrix Studio resolved the issue. 


Thank you for your time and response on this. I appreciate the efforts!!



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