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Web Filtering software for CVA environment

Christopher Yue


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Hi Christopher,


Have you considered a DNS-based filtering system? Depending on how and what you want to achieve, there are a couple of options:

  • Use an external DNS server like OpenDNS or SafeDNS to filter, based on categories - you could use them as forwarders on your current (AD) DNS servers
  • Host your own free, open source DNS filter solution, like NXFilter or AdGuard - you could add (AD) domains that need to be forwarded to internal servers





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happiest customers i know that use cloud based web filtering are ones that go with Z-Scaler. I have no experience with it myself, but it seems to not make customers angry, whereas most of the others have some sort of rubbish requirement for VPN's or silliness like that


I like DNS filtering also as above - but it's a leap to have just that

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