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Issues with rewrite/transform of URL on Sharepoint based web app

Vladislav Nikolov

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Hello everyone!

Since some time I am scratching my head on certain issue with Sharepoint based web app that I need to make available to external Internet users via Netscaler ADC.

Everything with the basic configuration is OK, but there is certain detail that is preventing us from making it available for users.
When I click on a document link inside I am being provided a link that cannot be resolved by the external user in its browser as its link to the internal document store service.

I have the external document service available on Netscaler also - so all I need is to do URL transformation of the requests from te internal address to the external one..or so I was thinking...

I used an URL transformation profile with the following parameters:


Request URL from:



Request URL into:



Response URL from:



Response URL into:



Cookie domain from



Cookie domain into



The Policy this profile is bound to is having configured expression HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ("documentsiteexternal.external.domain)..
This does not seems to work for me and no matter if I used only hostnames without protocol http(s):// in front.. Client has configured alternate access mappin for Sharepoint.
I am trying to think that there may be some other configuration problem that prevents me from having this policy working...If i remember correctly - HTTP compressed response from web server are not supported when doing rewrite/transformation..?!

Can you help with some points on what may be the issue? How do you cope with similar situation when have load balanced Sharepoint with Netscaler?

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Try changing the Policy Expression to 'true' (temporarily), and only configure some of the parameters of the Transform Action. On many Netscaler versions the GUI for transform actions is bugged and causes settings to not apply correctly. I would avoid using the GUI, if possible.


Example through CLI:

add transform profile URL-TPR-SHAREPOINT
add transform action URL-TPA-SHAREPOINT-01 URL-TPR-SHAREPOINT 100
set transform action URL-TPA-SHAREPOINT-01 -resUrlFrom documentsiteinternal -resUrlInto documentsiteexternal.external.domain

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