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EDT flapping; UDP, bad lenght 1485 > 1472

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Hello together,


I got a flapping issue with using EDT over NetScaler (LAN work without any issue).


CVAD 7 1912 on Server 2016

NetScaler VPX 12.1 52.nc


After open UDP/443 outside some sessions work and some not. That happens on the same client. 

When I take a look on the NetScaler Traffic I see that lines on a non working situation 


IP 10.xx.xxx.xxx > 91.xx.xxx.xxx: ip-proto-17
IP 10.xx.xxx.xxx.443 > 91.xx.xxx.xxx.50349: UDP, bad length 1485 > 147


For me as a non Network super dupa Specialist i suggest that the udp packages to big?


1. Where can I modify that MTU size on NetScaler?

2. If the 1st one the solution - I mean sometimes it works?


Any ideas?


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It seems that to modify the default.ica work for this issue.  I will run this config now for a Day and will wait for issues. For me it works.



Open the default.ica file for editing (by default it is located in  C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<StoreName>\App_Data\default.ica)
Add the following options under the [Application] section:
udtMSS=1480 (add this line if using Receiver for Windows 4.7 - 4.12, Receiver for Mac 12.5 - 12.9, Receiver for Linux 13.6 - 13.10, Receiver for iOS 7.2 - 7.5.x, Receiver for Android 3.12.3 - 3.13.x, or Workspace app 1808 for Mac, Linux, or iOS)
edtMSS=1480 (add this line if using Receiver for Windows 4.9 CU4 - CU8, Workspace app for Windows 1808+)


Thank you so far! 

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