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multiple monitors on windows running citrix workspace app

derek wilson




Ive tried looking through previous posts but cant find answer so thought I'd post a question.


Ive started ork for a new place - they allow bring your own pc - I have mine - a standard laptop running Windows 10 - I have 2 monitors connected so 3 screens total - all works great.


The work virtual desktop is via workspace app - i tried reciever but got prompted that there is a newer version available and as i found out that is now workspace app since 2018.  So I have that and can log into my virtual desktop at work - but can NOT for all the searching around find a way to extend it to the other 2 windows.  I can move the virtual desktop to any of the 3 screens but cant get it to consume any more than the one its on.


Any help appreciated.



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The easiest to first check is if you are executing the right procedure to span the Citrix Workspace App over all of the monitors.

The correct procedure is to first have the Citrix Workspace App running in window mode, so not full screen on one screen. Then you enlarge that window so it spans the other monitors. To make it easier on yourself, first try with the two external monitors. If you enlarge the window, you need to make sure it covers at least half of any of the screens you want it full screen on. Then maximize the Citrix Workspace App again, easiest is by click the Full Screen button in the Citrix Workspace App toolbar on the top.

It should now run full screen on multiple monitors.


If that doesn't work, there might be a limitation set by your IT administrators.





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