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Upgrading VDA does it upgrade delivery controllers?

John Francis1709160537


I am upgrading my 7.15 LTSR VDA from CU1 to 1909. Does this upgrade anything on delivery controllers. As, I see it says Core Components and additional support and then shows Delivery Controllers.  I know you can do the VDA upgrade separately. But, also it does not take me to the screen where I can choose " Create Citrix Image through provisioning services". Instead I get the screen below in the first screen







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2 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

In the VDA installer, the Delivery Controllers page is just the list of Controllers you entered for registration. It doesn't actually do anything on the Controllers.


Why 1909 instead of 1912 LTSR?


Well, is 1909 relevant to anything with Windows 10 build 1909? As, I have been having issue when I upgrade my Windows 10 1803 build to 1909, the VDISK does not boot at all and it black screens. Nothing happens. So, I had to downgrade and roll back my image to the base image and I am trying to upgrade. Am I doing it right?

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