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Services down on primary node but up on secondary?

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I have a situation where 1 or 2 services will become down on the primary and up on the secondary causing them to be unreachable.

Resolution is relatively simple just reboot secondary and they revert to the primary but I'd obviously like to understand why this is happening.  


I can't see anything obvious in ns.log, although there are a number of entries for an IP conflict for some strange reason?


They're both on same firmware, NS13.0 36.27.nc and running as HA pair with no errors.


Any pointers would be most appreciated.




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So thought I'd follow up with this as it looks like I may have found the problem.


After revisiting the logs I noticed some IP conflicts which seemed odd so took some time to find the offending machine via MAC address and it turned out to be the secondary node!

What I hadn't noticed before was that someone had turned on INC State in the HA settings, so as the nodes were on the same subnet was causing the IP conflicts as they come up at the same time. I confirmed this in my lab and since killing HA and rebuilding without INC State enabled no IP conflicts so far.


Only time will tell if this completely resolves the issue but goes a long way to explain it and makes sense so I am pretty confident it is now resolved.



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