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how to verify ram cache(mcs io) is working in vda 1906

Andy Wong


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21 hours ago, Koenraad Willems said:

Hi Andy,


Can you see an extra disk on the machine?
What guide did you follow to set up the cache?

Here's a couple of guides:







Hi Koenraad,


Yes, I can see there is a MCSWDisk where the size is the same as what I configured for Cache disk.

Also, there is a performance counter "Citrix MCS" .

The counters under "Citrix MCS" are not working and they are different compare to 7.15 VDA



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Hi Andy,


As per this guide: https://www.controlup.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-new-citrix-mcs-io-acceleration/, you could try the "PoolMon" tool to see if you get similar results as in the screenshot from the guide, to at least verify it is working.

I've just checked on a 7.12 VDA and the "Citrix MCS Storage Driver" counters are also present there, and on a 1909 VDA, they also aren't. So at some point between 7.15 and 1903, they disappeared, the question is which one?
I'm also wondering if there is a difference when doing a fresh install of 190x VDA, compared to upgrade from a 7.1x VDA, in terms of presence of the counters.

Was the 1906 VDA you use a fresh install or an upgrade from a previous version?

I think it would be best to create a ticket with Citrix to have them check it out, to be honest.




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