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newbie to Xenserver - Need to understand multiple Vlan's and interfaces

Jerry Roy


I have an existing Windows 2012 VM running on Xenserver, it has an existing dhcp scope assigned and working for vlan 1 . I have created a new dhcp scope for a Vlan 10 to assign ip's. Do I need another IP address assigned to the interface from the vlan 10 subnet? Can I use the existing interface to add the IP and if so, How? I currently have the following: (see attached)


Annotation 2020-01-20 105220.png

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DHCP works via broadcasts and by default won't traverse VLAN's. What you need is do is somehow get those DHCP broadcasts 

to traverse the VLAN's. You could add multiple interfaces to your DHCP server so that is in all of the networks that you want to

receive DHCP requests. You could go to your L3 switches or routers and use a DHCP helper to move those broadcasts from the 

VLAN to your DHCP server. If its all internal to XenServer and you are licensed you could add the DVSC switch and move the

broadcasts in that fashion. Severals ways to go about it.





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Like I said, I am a newbie. Do I do it under networks or Ip address configuration? If I attempt to add network, I want a new external network but when it gets to networking settings, do I use the bonded Nic? I do not want to write over the existing IP and take the system down.


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OK, Now I don't understand. Xenserver with a windows server 2012 installed in vm. I setup the new dhcp scope of on windows. The only thing that can get an IP address is the newly created Ethernet 3 interface on the windows 2012 server. Anything beyond that does not receive an IP from the dhcp server on vlan 10.  What am I missing?



DHCP server2.png

DHCP server3.png


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