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Windows update interferes with DHCP? PVS server not able to provide IP until update is removed.

Eric Smith1709151522



for the first time in many years I need to ask a question - I'm stumped


version 7.6 small farm all server 2012  three machine catalogs, about 10 application servers total. - Half of which are in Maintenance mode for when I need to update and reboot. 


one of these two updates is causing an issue. I believe it's the second. but I have not proven it yet. KB4532940 and KB4532951 these were installed this last round of updates.



1 - booting or rebooting a PVS application server pauses on boot and cannot acquire a DHCP IP

2 - no new users can log into the farm during this time.  I was not able to find out if existing users were still functioning - it appeared they were not but unconfirmed.

3 - In Studio Registration state showed as Not Registered for application servers.


The reason I believe that the update is killing DHCP is because my second PVS server has the updates installed (no DHCP on this server) and after the first server had the updates removed and rebooted it load balanced as it was supposed to no changes needed to it. .


The only semi-recent changes are about a month ago, I moved the Xen databases off of a 2008 server to a new supported server, all has been well until these updates. 


I though I took screen caps of the Boot screen but apparently I did not so I don't have any images to show.


I have looked for non-Xen related issues with those updates and found nothing and I have not seen any info here or in the Support portal so I figured I'd see if anyone else has run across this or heard of something similar. 



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