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Sometimes the client hangs/freezes; reason popups?; workspace 19.12 on Catalina 10.15.2, same on older Versions 19.10.2 on 15.10

thomas christinck


I have sometimes problems with the Receiver/Workspace 19.12 running on catalina 10.15.2 (happend earlier with 19.10.2 on Catalina 10.15 as well).

Running on a Macbook pro(2018), needed "PreferMetalRendering NO" after installation


Sometime s(mostly with little popups in windows, "I think") the complete Citrix session and app hangs. the colored ball is cycling. Nothing happens anymore.
The only way out  is:

 - killing the app,

 - reconnection with another computer (i.e. browser based receiver).

 - reconnecting wit the original app

 - continue work, avoiding popup windows (which is hard sometimes)

The session continues all the time and I can continue work.


It happend not deterministic with *every* popup. It happens sometimes. Sometimes all 5-10 mins, sometimes once an hour.


Quite often the reason seems to be a popup like settings of a file or settings of a browser-bookmark. But I saw also a dropdown menu opening ... and the session was frozen.


One Idea, but just a "feeling": could the reason be the access to local files?


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I have same issue.

When I copy from citrix to client it works but than Citrix Viewer not responding.

I force quit login and it works for a white..


Before I always used an very old version because all the new ones had this issue.

Now I am running Catalina I had to need to upgrade and now this happens.



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Having the same issue I have tried the following at it seems to work.

You need to enable Citrix Viewer and Citrix Workspace to macOS -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility.

If you are not in the list in the right side, adde them with + sign. Citrix Workspace is found in Macintosh HD/Applications. While Citrix Viewer is found in Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver.

I guess the reason of the hang is Catalina intercepting the Clipboard and without warnings and Citrix handlling it very badly. 


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