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BIND DNS Instance - Equivalent Feature in Netscaler ADC

Sudhir Bhagat

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Hi Friends, 


As many of you probably aware that , i am working on Load Balancer configuration migration from F5 to Netscaler ADC.


In Existing environment there is a ZoneRunner (DNS BIND Instance) configured , On Netscaler what is the Zone-Runner equivalent feature (as in F5) and how to start with the same.


I tried to searched on google, but can't reach the correct document probably, please guide me with step wise exact process.




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Hi Carl, 


Thanks very much for response. 


By BIND here i mean - Berkely Internet Name Domain , a software for translating domain names into IP addresses. In current environment with F5 . Client is using both GTM(GSLB in Netscaler) and ZoneRunner Utility (Which allows to manage the local BIND server configuration and allows to create new zones or transfer existing zones from remote DNS servers).


So, can i consider that anyhow we have to explore GSLB in Netscaler for above requirement. is it ?  

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It is not possible to run BIND on Citrix ADC. ADC has its own DNS implementation that does not use BIND. ADC's DNS only has enough features to handle GSLB and DNS Proxy. For example, ADC cannot do Zone Transfers.


For full DNS functionality, build your own DNS servers and then use ADC to load balance the DNS servers.

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I am implementing the same thing. Migrating F5 GTM, DNS  to Citrix ADC.

Citrix's documentation is very poorly written. (from lazy staff) 

What you need is

1. Create normal DNS LB Vserver  (DNS, DNS_TCP)   with IP address A.A.A.A  (Not non addressable) 

2. Create  Public DNS forwarder service normally  example:    fwd01  dns  53      fwd02   dns  53      fwd03   dns  53    

3. Bind these service under the DNS VIP normally.

4. At Traffic Management > DNS  > Name server   add DNS VIP here  ... You need this to make ADC lookup internet for domain that ADC is not responsible for (ADNS) 

5. For Domain Zone that ADC is ADNS for  you must create    

5.1 NS record for the Zone   (Dont' forget to add A record for the Nameserver itslef)

5.2 SOA record for the Zone

5.3 Create A Zone with  "NO PROXY" option which means ADC is the ADNS for this Zone.

5.4 Create all the Records need for each Zone ( A , AAAA, MX, SRV, CNAME, etc..)  from F5 GTM Zone Runner.  


from the client Resolver they have to nslookup to the ADC's DNS-VIP as their DNS server.


Lately Citrix's Product Documentation is very very poorly written, I think their Citrix Documentation staff is very lazy. 

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