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Outlook Performance

Joseph Clarke1709161627


We are running Outlook 2016 Pro Plus with an on prem Exchange 2013 Server, using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.18. The VDA version is 1904. Win 10 1803 OS.


We have Cached Mode set to 6 months, a 6 months archive policy, and hardware graphics acceleration disabled. And problems everywhere we look.


Users are reporting issues searching, whereby emails known to exist do not show, or when navigating to mail folders it shows as blank "We didn't find anything to show here" then the user navigates to the same folder and email appears. Archiving reliably doesn't take hold properly, with users having mail in their principal inbox for 7-9 months, and unable to search for mail which hasn't been archived but is past the cache period. Performance is poor, with latency when navigating/performing functions - the screen will grey out temporarily and freeze. Additionally emails flagged as tasks disappear off the task list once they expire beyond the cache period.


My suspicion, after months of tweaking, is that there is something more fundamentally wrong than settings on individual problems. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Given you have on-prem exchange - why run in cached mode? You will be far better off with Online for Outlook


If you need to use Cache mode, you are going to want to plan it out, and leverage a container solution such as FSLogix or Citrix Profile based Containers to take care of this requirement - Cache mode is never fun without containers :)

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