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SR full after XenMotion. How do i regain the lost Storage?

Bernd Drewelies


I just tried to migrate from Xen Server 7,6 to Citrix Hypervisor 8.1 using XenMotion.

After nearly 4.4TB migrated Data the Repository is full.

The Size of the SR is about 7.7 TB.


I read a lot around in diverse Forums and i understood that ist a Question of  the used Snapshot technique that causes the problem.


My Question


How could i find and identify an eliminate the Snapshots

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Can you not manually delete any snapshots? If the migration fails, the storage should remain on the original place the VM resided and in theory, the temporary space shoud get cleaned up on its own. If to much space gets uses up the system in mnay cases cannot clan up after itself, hence you'll have to look for and delete the failed storage pieces manually.



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