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Driver Collection Layer


Hi there !


I have an app layer where I install all printer drivers via pnputil.

This layer is added to every image and was woking perfectly in the past.


Now I again added a driver, but the particular printer does not show up in the available printer list after publishing an image.

The files however are sitting in the driver store folder and the printer is showing up in the available printer list in the app-layer that is part of the image.


Any ideas ?





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Hi rob,


I can't go back, that app layer is so old I only have that version ...

However I tried a new layer with only that single printer driver but without success.

The repository folder finds it way to the image and I can see all drivers are sitting there, but the vender / printer doesn't show up when I try to add a printer manually.


As a result, when I connect that printer, the driver doesn't load.


Strange thing ...


I am thinking of creating a new layer with all the drivers and hooking a batch file into the image finalization process before doing the shutdown and taking the snapshot for deployment.

But this feels more like a workaroud.


I could also test adding that driver to the platform layer to see what happens.



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