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C:\XDLogs\Citrix Broker Service.log required?

Jim Smith1709157654


Hi all,


I've inherited the administration of 2 production VirtualApps/Desktops environment's (7.15 LTSR) and the delivery controllers on one of them has a 'C:\XDLogs\Citrix Broker Service.log' file located on each of the controllers. The files are between  55gb and 60gb in size and are consuming half of the C drives. 


The second environment doesn't have this folder or files. 

The files have existed since Feb 2018.


What do these files store and do we need them?


I'm just concerned that they are using a large amount of the C: drives space and don't want the drives to fill up obviously. 


Many Thanks


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Thanks for this. 


I stopped the broker service and deleted the files then restarted the service.


I then followed this article





"Broker.log does not exist by default. It is only created if logging to a file is enabled in %ProgramFiIes%\Citrix\Broker\Service\BrokerService.exe.config by adding the following lines to <appSettings>:

<add key="LogFileName" value ="C:\XDLogs\Broker.log"/>
<add key="OverwriteLogFile" value ="1"/>

Delete those two lines to stop logging to broker.log."



To permanently stop the creation of 'Citrix Broker Service.log' but found that my brokerservice.config.exe file only had the entry 

<add key="LogFileName" value ="C:\XDLogs\Broker.log"/> 

and not the second line <add key="OverwriteLogFile" value ="1"/>


So I deleted the 1st line, stopped the broker serviceon my DDA, deleted the broker.log file and then tried to restart the service but it wouldn't start.


I had to restore the BrokerService.exe.config from the second DDA to be able to restart the service (and obviously has the line in it to continue creating the broker.log file. 


Does anyone know the best way to stop the creation of the broker.log (or am I missing something here..?).


Any help greatly appreciated. 



Many Thanks



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