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WEM File Copy Issue

Matt Sailors1709159265




We are just starting to build out a new WEM environment to replace our existing Ivanti EM solution. One policy action I'm having trouble replicating in WEM is a hosts file copy from a network path to the system32/drivers/etc folder via the File System Operations action. I'm assuming the problem has to do with permissions since the file copies fine to a different folder on the target, just not in the hosts file directory that it needs to be in. I thought the WEM servicing agent might run in the system context with enough permissions to write to this folder, but apparently it does not.


Any ideas? 

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is the host file unique per user requirement or is it a machine wide requirement for all users? (I only ask because i know of an environment that does exactly what you are asking on a per user basis due to migrations and multiple exchange orgs etc - very complex)


Thanks for the note - glad it's helping you out :)

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