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Provisioning Server Rebalance Issue when stopping streaming service on first server

Anthony Bennett


We are migrating our Citrix Provisioning farm from 2008 servers to 2016 servers.

Our original configuration of 4 - 2008 servers we will say named...

Server01 - First server configured and added to our farm some years back.





We added 4 new 2016 servers to the same farm and moved vdisks, etc. over to those. I can stop the stream service on 2008 servers 02, 03, and 04 and clients failover to the new 2016 servers. If I stop the stream service on 2008 server01(again the first server ever configured in this farm) its clients do not failover and if I rebalance on the 4 new servers they do not accept any connections. If I turn the stream service back on, on 2008 server01, it of course accepts connections and then my 4 new 2016 servers begin accepting connections again as well.


My guess is that the first server we ever configured server01 plays an important role somewhere to allow for connections across the entire farm. My question is how can I replace its function with one of the new 2016 servers so I can decommission all 4 of the old servers?


I was thinking this was a bootstrap issue but not sure. Any help or opinions are welcome.


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Anyone have any thoughts on this?


If I stop the stream service or turn off this one server our devices lose connection across all the servers. Its as if this one server controls the whole farm. I am sure there is something simple I am missing but I haven't found it. This is the last old 2008 Prov server I need to decommission but turning it off is not an option.

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Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I am starting to think it may be the DHCP options. We boot everything UEFI so we have Options 66, 67, and 11 set. Option 66 was set when we used Legacy BIOS and is still set with the the server IP that I can't turn off so that may be the culprit but I didn't think option 66 was still needed if option 11 was set. I am wondering if option 66 needs to be set to one of the new servers for communication to work correctly across subnets.


Do we still need option 66 in a UEFI setup?

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This article talks about some relevant information in relation to DHCP options.

Option 66 and 67 are not needed only if you rely on PXE server to deliver that information (PXE service can detect the architecture and supply approrpaite bootstrap name.
If using DHCP scope options only ensure you stop and disable the PXE service to ensure its not introducing unexpected boot behaviour.

The targets not failing over from the 2008r2 PVS server, probably not an issue now as you've had a reboot window since posting question, but if still wondering
-> check all the bootstraps in the 2008r2 pvs servers and ensure they are configured only for the new PVS servers.
Targets can only do HA failover using information they booted with (, bios waht was in the bootstrap when target booted, with UEFI targets - servers were specified in option 11 when they booted)
->check disk replication, maybe 2008r2 Server01 has some mismatching disks.


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