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Citrix Viewer/Receiver for Mac: Full screen not an option

Mitch Z


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Are you using more than one monitor? I ask because in the documentation says:


Known Limitations•Full-screen mode is only supported on one monitor or all monitors, which are configurable through a menu item.


If you are using multiple monitors then:


Multiple monitorsUsers can set Citrix Workspace app for Mac to work in full-screen mode across multiple monitors.1.Select the Desktop Viewer and click the down arrow.2.SelectWindow.3.Drag the Citrix Virtual Desktops screen between the monitors. Ensure that about half the screenis present in each monitor.4.From the Citrix Virtual Desktop toolbar, selectFull-screen.The screen is now extended to all monitors.

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Having the same issue and figured that this happens when you have your Display setting to default (retina) rather than scaled. If you change to scaled full screen is not greyed out, but as soon as you activate it the Citrix Viewer crashes. I am using the latest Version: (2001)

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