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What is the "correct" way to download ADC VPX 13 Express appliances?

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Is anyone please able to advise the correct way to request/download a copy of the ADC VPX 13 Express appliance?


The request link located here https://www.citrix.com/lp/try/citrix-networking-vpx-express.html points to an older build of NetScaler 12.


I've tried the "request demo" and "request call" options from getting started, it's been a few weeks and I've had no replies to date (https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-adc/get-started.html)


I'm essentially trying to get newer versions of the VPX Express appliances so I can use them in my home study lab... do I need to go through a sales partner these days?



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You should be able to download any build from citrix.com/downloads as long as you have an account.  Any of the production images should be fine.  Once you download it and import it to your preferred virtualization platform, it should boot up with the built-in Express license by default.  If your account does not access to download images, I guess you can request a trial, download an image and simply boot it up.  There is no need to activate the trial license, and simply use it as is in Express mode.


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