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Citrix Netscaler end-user session details

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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for some tutorial-like guidance on finding details on each end-user session, on Citrix Netscalers, especially around login times etc.
I usually look in the Authentication-> Logs section, and filter by user name, but sometimes i dont find stuff even if i look at older logs, so definately im doing something wrong, and the sessions are NOT internal, they come in via the Gateway.

Is there any way to make this a bit more clear or something to explain it in a "like-im-five" manner? 
P.S. not the most proficient Netscaler admin here

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I would suggest downloading SolarWinds Kiwi Server, and shipping your syslog records there.

You can then slice and dice on many different criteria.

They even have a free version (https://www.solarwinds.com/free-tools/kiwi-free-syslog-server).

The paid version, which allows you to send records to SQL (among other thigs) costs around $300.


Citrix Director will give you information on login times.

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