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Profile Management syncing stuff it shouldn't

Jacob Dixon1709152413


We are having issues with long login times due to Citrix Profile management. What I have found is it isn't the size of the UPM_Profile folder but the number of files inside it. When you get up there around 15,000 files or more, the login times are slower because the copies are slower (this is normal with a lot of little files being slower to copy than one large file).


The problem is I see data from folders we don't have in the policy to sync. For example under UPM_Profile for a user I see a "Dropbox" folder. Now I specifically set directory exclusions, files to sync, folders to mirror and kept the default exclusion and inclusion lists (which shouldn't have the dropbox folder).


So how come it is syncing stuff it shouldn't? I'm setting these policies through Citrix Studio.

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