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Windows 2008 R2 Server goes into recovery mode after upgrade VDA 7.6 to 7.15

Geert De Keyser


At a customer side I have upgrade issues.

VDA servers:

  • Windows 2008 R2 64 bit
  • Current VDA, future version: 7.15 CU5
  • Hypervisor: Hyper-V
  • Provisioning: Virtual Desktops (no PVS or MCS)


These issue act as follows:

  • When running the silent/unattended installation of the Citrix VDA, and after a second reboot after the installation, the machine goes into recovery mode.
  • It is interesting to know: After the first reboot, the VDA registers with the Delivery Controller as expected. It shows the correct version to the Delivery controller and appears to work without issues. But a second reboot will bring the machine into the recovery mode again.
  • I have had this issue on 4 test machines. There are lots of production servers that need the upgrade, so unattended is required.


I made following configurations in an attempt to resolve the issue:

  • Reduce the complexity by splitting up the process in multiple steps (uninstall VDA, reboot, uninstall Receiver, reboot, Install prereq (Visual C++), reboot, install VDA 7.15) -> two reboots = recovery mode
  • Install Citrix VDA 7.15 CU4 in stead of CU5 -> two reboots = recovery mode
  • Install manually, through the GUI -> two reboots = recovery mode
  • Reduce the number of components to install. /exclude "AppDisks VDA Plug-in, Personal vDisk, Machine Identity Service, Citrix Telemetry Service, Citrix Personalization for App-V - VDA, Citrix Files for Windows, Citrix Files for Outlook"  -> two reboots = recovery mode
  • uninstall the VDA using the Citrix VDA Cleanup utility, first unattended, later through the GUI, install VDA 7.15 CU5 -> two reboots = recovery mode
  • Installing the VDA 7.6 CU8 seems to work. I only tested this once so far, but at least the machine upgraded and did not run into major issues. If I continue the upgrade then to 7.15, it fails again.


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30 minutes ago, James Kindon said:

that's a nasty one - have you had a chance to look at the VDA cleanup Utility? It fixes some weird stuff


Yes, I have used the VDA cleanup tool: Couldn't fix the issue.


My next visit to that customer is scheduled in a few days, then I'll have another call with Citrix Support. I'll keep this forum informed on any progress. But in-between, if anyone has any extra insights, please let me know. 

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