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Re the "Cloud connector for Citrix Networking, formerly NetScaler Cloud Connector" feature

Paul Blitz

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So, when looking at the Netscaler (ok, Citrix ADC) datasheet - which we do during training - the last feature under "Application Security" is "Cloud connector for Citrix Networking, formerly NetScaler Cloud Connector".


Now, when I look up "Cloud Connector" online, it talks about the software that runs on Windows: this seems to be a service that "bridges" data from your cloud setup into your corporate network


When I look on the Netscaler, and search for "Cloud", then I only see the "CloudBridge Connector", which provides a service that "bridges" data between Netscalers.... but that is named "CloudBridge Connector", not "Cloud Connector"


(and when I search "Netscaler Cloud Connector" online, I get an SDWan feature!)


So, my question: ARE the "Cloud Connector" and "CloudBridge Connector" the same thing. If not, where is the Cloud Connector on Netscaler?? Or is the datasheet telling me lies?


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Simple answer is no. 


CloudBridge connector is a feature on the ADC to establish a VPN tunnel between ADCs, SDWan and a few 3rd party appliances. Aka make a cloud before the cloud term was a thing :). 

The Cloud connector is as you stated the widows version. 

Cloud connector for Citrix Networking, is a stand alone appliance similar to the Windows version. 



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