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Loading a Photo in HTML5 on Secure Web in iPhone Xr

Julio Schwarzbeck


Hi Folks,

I am using pure HTML5 to load a photo taken with my company's phone in Secure Web, images load fine on other iPhones (6, 7, 8) for any iOS combination (12.x, and 13.x) on it, it is only on the iPhone Xr that it fails to load..


I've created a quick POC (no external libraries needed in mere 34 lines of code) in CodePen: https://codepen.io/juliocode-the-styleful/pen/MWYXrJp


The script does nothing fancy, just opens up the camera, allows to take a photo on the device, and then just renders the image using the standard "FileReader.readAsDataURL()" API (Ref. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/FileReader/readAsDataURL) which (automatically) creates a base64-encoded data-URI schema suitable for <img src=...> in HTML5


My company is using Secure Web (UiWebView) Currently on the version.


Any help would be appreciated.

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