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Receiver / Workspace crashes when multiple monitors are accessed

David Miller1709161608


Hello! I'm one of those unfortunate folks having an issue with running Workspace / Receiver while using multiple displays. This issue started when my organization upgraded their receiver to allow some sort of graphics acceleration. I was out on leave when it happened, but when I got back, my previously fine setup started crashing many times a day.


If I start my session with two or three monitors active, I start crashing soon after my day begins. Though it mostly happens when I'm "doing something" like dragging and dropping, or accessing a network file, it can also happen when I'm not even at keyboard. I restart all my apps by opening an app that I didn't have open before--usually something like "Paint" or "Calculator". I can also refresh apps, which works, but sometimes it brings all the windows back black--black with no visible content. I can close most of them using the taskbar icons, but there are always one or two that need the whole session cleared for me to continue with my day.


Most days when I start the day, I just start with one monitor. When I start the day with one monitor, I get no crashes. One interesting foible of my issue is that if I start with multiple monitors, and reduce it to just one, I'll have ONE more crash after I hit that one monitor, then am fine for the rest of the day.


I have troubleshot with my company's tech team, but they are convinced I changed something on my system, and don't care that it only started after the company did their "upgrade". Classic argument of "I know we changed something, but it works for everyone else so it must be your fault".


I think one of the first steps we tried at the start of all this was the "DPI" switch. I just checked it, and it's currently set to let the system check it. I might change that tomorrow before I clock in. My graphics card is a GeForce GT 710. I've heard GeForce and Citrix don't always get along, but I've had this setup--including this video card--for a long time. I've looked into Radeon cards, but the only reasonably priced ones that support three monitors use DP interfaces, and the reviews aren't good.


Sorry if I'm rambling---are there any steps I'm not finding on the forums that I can try? I don't feel like my work's tech team is anywhere near as interested in getting this fixed as I am.



-Dave Miller

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