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XenDesktop with Nvidia cards

Andy White1709154166




I've come from a team that manages XenApp to XenDesktop and we have bought 2 new hosts from Dell with the Nvidia cards installed. At the moment the hosts have not even been built, so no XenServer installed yet.


They have the Nvidia cards installed because 4 users need to use a graphical product but the rest of the users don't. How will we control this as we have 150 users that use other apps that don't need to use these graphics cards?



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Are you currently running XenApp VMs with server OS? 


Also which Citrix licenses are you running?


We use VMware ESXi as hypervisor. With VMWare, you need to upgrade to a higher license to use vGPU, not sure about XenServer.


We already had 17 Xenapp Server 2012 running (migrationg to server 2016 right now). Then we wanted to switch AutoCAD Users to Citrix. It was the right time when citrix decided to allow multiple licensing modes in one site. 


SO we set up XenDesktops with Windows 10 and NVIDIA GRID T4 cards. XenDesktops are licenced with user/device mode now, while XenApp Servers are running on concurrent mode.






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Servers with NVIDIA cards are a bit harder to implement with XenServer and XenDesktop, if no one at your company has done it before, it would make sense to look into getting help from a CSA.

If you want to try it yourself, here are some guides that are a starting point.

XenServer part:



XenDesktop part (note this deals with K1/K2 cards, which your probably don't have, but the process would be the same):



As to how to make sure that the machines start on the servers with NVIDIA cards; you'd ideally create a separate pool in XenCenter for these servers, then create a new Hosting Connection in Citrix Studio that points to that pool. You'd use that Hosting Connection in the machine catalog creation, in combination with MCS.





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