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WEM/Netlogon service not starting

Xavier Blackwood




I am experiencing a random issue that is driving me crazy. We have Server 2016 VDAs/PVS with WEM 1808 agents installed. Randomly we get support calls where users have no mapped drives and the VDAs appear dis-joined from AD.  This would happen on maybe 1 or 2 out of 11 VDAs on random days. The resolution is to simply reboot the VDA. I have found that when the issue occurs the Netlogon service isn't running and times out if I manually try to start it. After further troubleshooting it seems that the Netlogon service depends on the Norksale Agent service which in turn depends on WMI. This seems like a timing issue, the WEM services are causing Netlogon to not start and creating havoc. 


The event logs when the issue occurs are attached. Any ideas on how to resolve this? I'm about to uninstall WEM but don't want to. I have tried Citrix support but because of the randomness of the issue  they are no help. I am leaning to this Microsoft KB https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/922918/a-service-does-not-start-and-events-7000-and-7011-are-logged-in-window that says to increase the service timeout period but not sure. 


Any ideas are appreciated..





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Hi Xavier


We are seeing the same issue with Citrix PVS VDAs and WEM installed ( all latest versions) and was wondering if you went back to using WEM and found any other fixes?


it’s really odd as like you say, once you reboot the VDA it resolves issue and it happens to random VDAs.


our VDAs are server 2016 too. 




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