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Mixing NIC Cards in different hosts in same pool

Joshua Holmes


I am about to add some new hosts to an existing pool with 5 hosts, but researching any real gotchyas.  I found a post on this forum from years past (https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/352903-adding-host-to-existing-pool-–-host-cannot-be-contacted/) in which they wanted to ensure that the NIC card is identical in all hosts, and also in the same PCI slot.


This seemed odd to me, can someone let me know if this is a concern with 7.2+ XenServer?  Specifically we're using Broadcom 57711 10G NIC cards in all our hosts and we're switching to Intel x520-da2 cards.  Primarily because we're experiencing failures with those broadcom cards because it has an onboard cooling fan and when the fan starts to fail the card goes into a fan-fault mode and doesn't operate.  


So I am hesitant to add new hosts to the pool that has different NIC's if it's going to be a problem.  Once I add the new hosts, I'll migrate VM's off and one by one replace the Broadcom cards.



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Detection order is one thing. You'll probably have to go in and configure that manually so everything 

lines up properly for your nic order like you intend for it to. Second thing I would worry about is nic 

performance differences or perhaps nic driver differences causing issues. It could keep a server from

joining a pool. I would try to get them as close as possible to each other in the pool at least by 

vendor. If eth0 is going to be Intel, I would keep all eth0 in the pool Intel.





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