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XenApp applications need to be run twice

Ben Emerson


Hopefully someone has seen this issue before and can help me. When we try to run an application from the storefront server the first time it is run you get the error 'the published application failed to start'. If you run it again it fires up straight away.


This behavior happens with all applications and all new sessions.

Citrix Error.png

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We have four servers in the delivery group. It is every application that faults like this so I don't think it is that. But I will place three servers into maintenance mode and see if with only a single server the same problem happens - I also cycle through which is the server in maintenance mode to see if any one of them doesn't do it.


Many thanks



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Maybe I had something like this in the past. Some questions for clarification:


  • The error in the screenshot in your first post ... - Does it show up immediately or does it start to load for some time before the error shows up?
  • Does this really happen Everytime with every user on the first start of an app?
  • Details about the endpoint? (Windows, ThinClient, …)


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