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unified gateway clientless access storefront with rfwebui theme | citrix gateway 13.0

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Gateway version: NS13.0 36.27.nc

Storefront version: 3.12.5000.134


I have set up a Unified Gateway with Clientless Access. Everything was working fine with The X1 theme with the bookmarks en published applications.

When i changed the theme to rfwebui theme the bookmarks which are added in the Citrix Gateway are visible for the end users.

The problem i have is that the "Desktops" tab is not visible while the "Web Interface Address" in the session profile binded to the Unified Gateway is configured.

The web interface address is reachable with ICMP and HTTPS from the netscaler by SNIP address. The STA's are also configured on the virtual server.

Can somebody tell me what i am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.






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