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Migrate Microsoft Userprofiledisk to Citrix UPM with FSLogix Office Container

Marc Kuhn


Hi guys

we have a Citrix Virtual Apps 7.15 LTSR environment with Server 2016. The users are working with Microsoft Userprofiledisks and Redirected folders. As they are working with Office 365 we want to implement FSLogix Office Containers in combination with Citrix Userprofilemanagement (Profiles and Redirected Folders via Citrix Policies).


I'm looking for the most convenient way to migrate with less possible impact for the users. I'm successfully tested that on a Citrix Test server, but had to follow that steps:


- Disable Microsoft UPD via Powershell: (Get-WmiObject -NameSpace root\CIMV2\TerminalServices -Class Win32_TSSessionDirectory).DisableUserVhd()

- Configure the User in the securitygroup for FSLogix Office Container

- Login to create a Citrix Profile and logout again

- Copy content from Microsoft UPD to Citrix Profile

- Because of the difference with Redirected folders with Microsoft GPO's and Citrix GPO's i get for each two folders (Documents, Videos, ...) and need to clear it afterwards


Does anybody has done that migration before?


Many thanks for any tipps


Best regards,

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