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What does the App-V Single Admin mode look like when publishing to non-persistent Citrix Virtual Desktops?

Dennis Austin


I've seen what seems like thousands of snippets, but I don't have a clear cohesive picture of what this configuration looks like when implemented.  Does anyone know of a really good guide, white paper, or shaman choreography that specifically addresses single admin mode and publishing App-V packages to virtual desktops?


I want to launch published applications from the start menu, is that where shortcuts will be created if the "add shortcut to users desktop" box is checked?
Should the app-v packages be synched to the desktop VM?  if so when?  Is there a powershell command that initiates this?


I love the idea of removing the Microsoft servers from App-V publish as in dual admin mode, but I really don't understand the mechanism that replaces them.


Any and all help appreciated.




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Well I've learned some.  One thing I need to clear up is that this is an entire on-prem installation that has not yet pursued remote access.  As such, we're not using Receiver/Workspace at all.  Since yesterday, I have figured out how to launch my app with Workspace from within my on-prem site.  This is ok, actually pretty cool to know as we eventually will do some remote access.  But what I really want is to log in to my desktop and then launch my application (running from my desktop) without having to muck around with an intermediate app.


I learned that I can launch my app with a command line - c:\program files\citrix\virtual desktop agent\ctxAppVLauncher.exe  8192798314-128934-1983948-871234


This also is cool, because I see that when I did that, the App-V package also got downloaded to c:\Program Data\Appv   (and appropriate shortcuts were created as well.) 


Now how can I initiate that download when the VM boots so I can skip over the inital ctxAppVLauncher.exe call?

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