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Connecting SSL Service group to O365

David Boxall

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I am trying to create an SSL vServer to connect to O365 https://outlook.office.com , we are going to use our own internal cert at the front end of the vServer. How do i get the backend to connect to O365 using SSL ( Do i need the O365 Public cert applied to the service group ? )


SSL ---> Front end ( Using internal Cert ) ---- Decrypt the traffic ------> pass to the backend -----> encrypt using O365 Cert -----> send traffic to O365


Any help would be appreciated

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you don't usually need certs bound to SSL services or service groups, as the NS is the "client" in the request to the destination.  The certs for the backend exist on the the actual O365 destination and not on the NS itself.  If you need to trust the service you are connecting to, you can bind a root cert to the service/servicegroup.

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