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Setting VMs to auto-start upon pool startup ?



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For lack of a better option like the older 5.x had where I could just set each VM to auto-start on boot, I have enabled HA to at least allow some semblance of control.


Hopefully I don't regret it as HA and quorum rules don't always make sense.  I want my pool to try to keep as many servers online as possible without ever giving up.  I have seen quorum rules that give up and shut down everything that I don't EVER want to have affect my systems.

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Unfortunately while that solution worked for me I figured out that enabling HA was causing 100GB of my 512GB of total pool memory to be reserved for the sanctity of HA and I can no longer use that memory.


I had to disable HA to get access to that memory and now don't know how I am expected to set VMs to start on pool startup, but that is the lesser of the 2 evils.

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