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File save faster with RDP than HDX on Win 10 / XD 7.15 LTSR VDI

Kendall Gentry1709158139


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The app support tech copied a large file (30 GB) to a mapped network drive which is on an Isolon system.

He used an app called CrystalDiskMark to measure the read/write speed.

HDX = 159 Mb/s

RDP = 248 Mb/s


We have other VDIs on different XenServers and different images that connect to the same Isolon drive, but do not experience the issue.

RDP and HDX perform about the same.


The VDI images and the XenServer host have not had any changes. It was working fine, 

There are 2 VDIs one one image and 1 VDI on an image. All 3 have the issue.


It may be an issue with the XenServer host. (reboot of the Xenserver did not resolve the issue)

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