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Xenserver 6.2 Control Domain 0% Disk space.

Jaco Groenewald


Hi All.


I'm newbie to Xenserver and VM's in this new possition. We have a server running ver 6.2. and the control domain keeps filling up. As a result the VM's dont load. I'm getting stuck on and off for a month now but the problem still persists. At the moment I'm not able to clear anymore space to start and VM's. This server was setup by a previous IT admin and runs some production and R&D VM's


Here is what I have done already after reading lots and lots of forums.


- deleted *.gz in /var/log

- deleted dead.letters in ~

- /tmp is only 40kb

- /var/patch dont excist

- /var/crash is 65MB

- /opt/xensource/patch-backup/ doesnt excist


LSB Version:    :core-4.0-ia32:core-4.0-noarch
Distributor ID: XenServer
Description:    XenServer release 6.2.0-70446c
Release:        6.2.0-70446c

Filesystem             Size   Used  Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1              4.3G   4.3G      0 100% /


VM's run on their own local storage drives all with ample space.


Any ideas? Any help will be much appreciated.

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6.2 is long out of support and has not had any security fixes for a long time, notably none for any of the CPU speculative execution flaws announced by Intel and AMD last year (SPECTRE, MELTDOWN, etc). You should be making plans to update to a supported release or at very least ensuring that you mitigate the security threats by some other means.


Regarding the matter in hand.


To find where the space is being taken you can run the following command


du -x -ks /*


Which will show the size of all of the top level entries in the filesystem that are on the single top level filesystem.


I think 6.2 stored the logs in the same filesystem so that's the most likely culprit but not the only one probably.

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Either something else it taking space or it could be lying to you. Seems like I remember an occurrence 

that happened to me when even after removing files and freeing space I had to restart the server for

that space to be reported properly. 


I can't stress enough how Mark is right about your version. Very, very old with no support. If those VM's 

are reasonably small in size shut them down on off hours and export them to XVA so you have some

backups if you need to make sure the data is recoverable. Then work on an upgrade strategy. Another 

option would be looking at the NAUBackup scripts to back them up while online with snapshots.




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Hi Mark and Alan.


Thank you for the quick replies.


@Mark The results I get from du and df are different and  I read somewhere this can happen. Here are my results of the du below. To me the space on the drive looks fine.

I agree the version is real old and it was on my radar to bring it up with management, but they moving most VM's to cloud so we tying to make due unit the migration is planned and completed.


@Alan We do have backups running of the VM's on daily and Weekly basis. As for the machine, I've done multiple restart.



[root@SGXENLAB01 ~]# du -x -ksh /*
5.4M    /bin
17M     /boot
1.5M    /cli-rt
140K    /dev
10M     /etc
28K     /EULA
12K     /home
114M    /lib
16K     /lost+found
4.0K    /media
20K     /mnt
405M    /opt
0       /proc
12K     /Read_Me_First.html
96K     /root
21M     /sbin
4.0K    /selinux
4.0K    /srv
0       /sys
1.6M    /tftpboot
40K     /tmp
583M    /usr
629M    /var

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