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Can XenApp be configured to run single instance application

Liran Tevet


Hi Citrix Community,

I'm new to Citrix and the whole XenApp\ Xen Deskstop infrastructure.

We have a Client based application that supports only one instance (meaning two users on the same machine can't open our application).

From what I know using Xen Desktop I can publish number of VDIs with a certain OS (Windows 10 for example) and our application already installed on it and then users can access those VDI (one user for VDI) and run our app.

My question is what can be done in XenApp only environment? Is there a way to publish the application on a certain VM that will restrict multiple user sessions?

Thanks in advance :)


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yes, you can limit the number of application instances per machine.


Set-BrokerApplication MyApplication -MaxPerMachineInstances 1


For reference please see:




Best regards,
Tim Wolf
Solution Architect

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Another idea...though a bit unorthodox....would be to package the application into a VMware ThinApp package and present the app from a Published App server.  I've pulled this trick with a handful of applications that required application isolation (which Citrix deprecated back in 5.5 or 6.0...not sure).  Of course, this does require you have some spare ThinApp licenses laying around.


The official guidance on this topic from Citrix is either A) your suggested approach or B) use Microsoft App-V for the application isolation (though I can't see recommending spinning up all the components for a single app).

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