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One missing network drive

Stephan Kunz


Hello everybody,

we have here a strange behavior. In explorer the user has 8 network drives but when the user starts a programm and he wants to upload a file in the programm he only has 7 network drives.

Here you can see the 8 network drives in explorer:



Here you can see the 7 network drives in the programm explorer:



Strange is that the network drives P and G are from the same storage. 

The storage for the network drives P and G are local in the remote office. So we have 24 remote office so there are 24 storages. 

The administrator of the network drives P and G said to me that it is a Windows share and not a cifs share or so.


Has anybody an idea why it shows the G network drive and not the P network drive.


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it seems you are using a different scripts or methods (maybe GPO with item level targeting) to connect the network drives.

The evidence is that on your local machine some drive descriptions (J, S, T, V) are written in uppercase letters while they are lower case in your Published Application.

Also Q drive on your local machine links to \\HBP2610 while the target for Q on your remote session is \\LE06646.


Your Administrator should be able to locate the method how network drives are mapped into your remote session and how to correctly add network drive P.


Best regards,
Tim Wolf
Solution Architect

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