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Windows 10 1903 losing trust relationship

Steve Istas


Windows 10 1803 using MSC (persistent) on 7.15 CU4


Upgraded each individual VM to 1903 using SCCM. Once the update to 1903 completed Citrix placed the VM's into maintenance mode. They are listed as powered on but unregistered in Citrix Studio. When trying to login using domain credentials at the console the message regarding trust relationship appears. We were able to reset the computer machine password using Powershell (Reset-ComputerMachinePassword - Credential xxxx) by logging in with the local admin account. Removing them from the domain is very bad.


We then patched all these machines with the Decembers patches and they all behaved the same after the 1903 update. Each one went into maintenance mode and shows unregistered. Logging in with domain credentials doesn't work as these VM's lost their trust relationship with the domain.


We have similar Windows 10 VM's which are non-persistent without any issues. It seems to be these persistent VM's which are having the issue.


Anyone else seeing a similar issue?

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